16 January 2014

2014 | post#1

2014 got me thinking! I know that I've been a BAD BAD blogger (emphasis on the BAD). But then maybe that's my style, if such style exists. I won't try to make up excuses. Over the last months, I've been terribly busy, but still I had time to shoot and do things. The think is I kinda lost my inspiration. Although I still do enjoy going through my favorite blogs every morning, I don't really feel excited about documenting my outfits. Is it that I suddenly got insecure? Not really. I just found myself one day in ZARA thinking "BUY this, it's blog material". This got me thinking of all those pieces I had bought over the last months for the blog, the scuba tops I only wore twice. I don't want this. I want the perfect wardrobe, one that contains an EQUIPMENT shirt, the perfect SKINNIES, a CAPE, the perfect black DRESS, many many white TEES (how many is enough?).
Then, I also realised how much I love creating content, editing, putting text and images together, making books, printing and gifting, printing and hanging on my walls. Is it something that will last? I don't know. Hang with me, because I believe it's sth worth trying!

ps. i know resolutions are so 2013. Everybody this year is saying "no more resolutions, not for me, not this year". apparently 2013 was a bad year for resolutions worldwide, but i am convinced the resolutions above are worth trying. no mores "going to the GYM everyday". It will never happen! Instead more general goals that give a tune for the year!
ps. this editorial is from URBAN OUTFITTERS. It's amazing, right?

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