12 September 2012

farewell summer

ahhh summer is almost gone- there are still hints of heat, since we are talking of greece. but still, one can feel it, summer gradually waves goodbye. one is almost surprised when the night suddenly turns crisp. 

Today i found these pics in my mac as i was making space in my hard drive. 
they were taken a month ago, on the island of troizonia, a really small island with no car connection to the outer world!. Aggeliki, thanos and i had to walk through fields and enclosed proprieties ( we got that lost!) , but in the end we found the most beautiful private beach!

SO this is a farewell. 
summer be gone, cause i can't wait for fall!



  1. summer for me has ended ages ago... its cold in london! Love these pics though, makes me miss summer... hope youve had a great time!! Xo

  2. Look like you had a good time. I sad to see summer go.