20 June 2012


i guess the phrase above says it all
i've been such a bad bad blogger lately_ 
but i guess even the most dedicated fashion blogger sometimes sometimes takes a break_ the truth is i've been pretty busy participating in an architectural workshop at the Benaki museum! it was so fun + time consuming !
see you tomorrow!


  1. No problem!!! Glad you had a lot of fun.

  2. Everyone needs a break.


  3. You definitely need to take a break every now and then! Glad you're back!!!! xxxx


  4. We al are bad bloggers sometimes ha!
    But you do a great job. Truyly!
    We must say from our heart that we love love love your style, so inspiring!
    We start following and would be great if you'd return the favor, if you want!

    What we also wanted to let you know is that we have a sneak preview of Filippa K´s September campaign coming up. The post wil be this saturday so don't forget to take a peek!

    xoxo hope to hear from you soon!