19 July 2011

postcards from sicily

sorry for disappearing like that- i feel the worse blogger ever when i do that!
so i've been working on a project all year long about the urban revitalisation of the city of palermo!

after long hours - cold nights- days without sleep at the university, the project was finally completed at the end of june!
but we had to prepare a presentation for the faculty of architecture of palermo!
it  sounded awfully like vacation!

we stayed at sicily for a week- maybe a bit more- our proposal gained the first prize- then we did some sightseeing!

sicily is amazing- as i always suspected- palermo is a city of decadent beauty- one can imagine a city like havana- a city that used to be great, a city of great grandeur- but now only ruins remain- beautiful ruins!

here i have some pics of the things i saw- since i was the one behind the camera you can see no pics of me- but i promise to acquire such pics- they are hiding in my friends cameras

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  1. thnk you for the pics!