2 January 2011

brand new shoes

"...I had some brand new shoes
They were all red but they gave me the blues
And they're runnin' away, they left me a letter
It's just like you told me it'd be
It's nothin' nothin' nothin'
nothin' at all..."

she and him, brand new shoes

aaaah this is my first 2011 post! i wish you all 
*!the most amazing new year!*
i somehow consider it good luck the my first 2011 post has to do with amazing recently acquired shoes- the funny thing is that i had no intention of buying new shoes- but somehow the stores had the most incredible sales these past few days- at last, boxing day has arrived in greece

this is my first pair of sam edelman shoes and i totally love them!
Be sneaker chic. Leather high tops with studs. they have this worn out look i can't resist:)


  1. looks like the perfect pair of shoes to ring in 2011 with; fierce! great buy

  2. axaxaxaxa.....Nadia me geiaaaaaa....:))))))


  3. these are wow shoes!
    happy new year!


  4. They're amazing! How much did you get them?