1 December 2010

my christmas wishlist

christmas wishlist

sometimes i wish mum and dad were bonnie and clyde- so they could rob a bank and buy me all the above

or maybe dad could be santa, really famous, chuby, appearing in coca cola commercials

that way i could have every present i wish for this christmas!

so, what's on your wishlist?


  1. This is an awesome wishlist...I would love to get a piece of nice jewelry or a great bag..have a lovely day :D

  2. χαχαχαα καλο με τη μαμα και τον μπαμπα! υπεροχη λιστα σου ευχομαι ο αγιος βασιλης να σου φερει οτι ζητα η καρδουλα σου και η ψυχη σου !!!!

  3. awesome christmas list!!! :)