3 November 2010

in search for the perfect perfume- No5

i trying desperately to find a new perfume to buy- sth not too heavy, a bit light and flowery
i'm currently hooked on "bright Crystal" by versace. the bottle is hideous i think, but the perfume amazing!

so do you have any hints concerning my search for the perfect perfume to buy????

(here's a little bit of chanel's no 5 history. the most famous of all perfumes- not my cup of tea, unfortunately.

lithograph by Sem, 1925
1936, Coco at her Ritz Suite

Suzy Parker, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire

Marie Helene Arnaud, 1961
award wining actress ALi MacGraw, 1966

Lauren Hutton, 1968
swinsuit model, Cheryl Tiegs, 1969
swinging sixties model Jean Shrimpton, 1961

 Catherine Deneuve, 1973

Andy Warhol silkprints, 1997

1999, estella warren
2004, nicole kidman the new face of chanel
2009, and audrey tautou takes over

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