2 October 2010

what makes me happy

i want to thank angie from chasing kites for tagging me
-angie is my cousin, studying a couple of hours away from where i study and most of the time, when we are not on the phone, i miss her-
arghhh it's so unfortunate that she is 4 hours away- when we where young we shared a dream, the dream of a shared wardrobe- 2 girls- 1 wardrobe- it's kind of genius, is it not????

so that's the top ten of things i love- i just realize that i am a bit romantic and probably a lot superficial!!!!!!

so here we go....

1. Starbucks + vogue/
the calories, the music, the sound of cofeemakers, the joy of traveling so far away while reading US vogue

2. pride+prejudice
watching the latest version with angie, my cousin, from chasing kites. we must have watched it together at least 20 times- after the movie we usually spend hours in hopeless romantic conversations about the perfect non existant man

3. driving in the car with friends and screaming/singing
lately it's the smiths all the time- it's so fun that even"girlfriend in a coma"doesn't seem that depressing

4. summer vacation with friends- 2 years ago it was italy- this year brussels- next year.... who knows?????

5. rain- the sound, the smell of it

6. piers, there's sth about them i simply adore- can't w8 to visit california

7. i <3 ny- i believe that's the place to be- the music, the fashion, the buildings!!!

8. sailor moon- yes it obviously sounds silly but well who cares? she is a role model for everybody who is immature

9. the roaring 20's- i love everything about them/ the francis scott Fitzgerald novels, the flappers, the music, even prohibition!!!

10. winter- the clothes, the cold weather, the wind, the rough sea, the occasional snow(obviously it doesn't snow that much in Patras)

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  1. Re darling...poso ma poso sumfwnw me ooosa grafeis..!!!thanks for tagging me too and sorry for the delayed comment but I was in Thessaloniki..:)))I had soo much fun...!!!!!