17 September 2010

fashion week

argh i'm in the gloomiest mood lately- i actually blame my uni exams and the fact i have spent the last 15 days in my room making stupid models for stupid architecture school

anyway, back to what i was saying- one of the things that depresses me more and more is ny fashion week- yeah i find it depressing because everybody is blogging about how awesome it is and then i feel the lack of awesomeness from my life

so here are some my favorite pics- not the shows- but the people

*** i want to thank lovely lilette for tagging me i am preparing a 10 thing i hate post:)


  1. Kala e...exw pathei tin plaka m...ti teleia dusimata einai afta...??pote tha pame kai meis ekei...??teleio post teleio post..!!!

  2. Simply gorgeous!! Love these photos!