31 March 2010

peekaboo love

i love this bag- the peeakaboo fendi bag
i like the colours, the structure, the handle

but when i say i love the bag, i mean it!
and then i feel bad for loving/ adoring/ worshiping a bag

last night i had to watch "capitalism a love story" in order to manage all that consummerism guilt(i can't buy the bag, it's far too expensive, i wish i could buy the bag i would be HAPPY if i had the damn bag_it's just a bag!_no it's not!

it's the PEEKABOO bag


  1. oooo i love your blog+ the bag too

  2. Ayth th stigmh, an hmouna cartoon, ta matia mou tha eixan ginei kardoules. Aythn thn tsanta thn agapw.

  3. Oh my! It's gorgeous! And Giovana Battaglia's look is so fierce! I love hoe the bag matches the shoes!