26 September 2009

oh MAN!

i don't know about you but i just love the sincerety of her intentions, her raw approach on fashion and the way she reinvents human attitute on our times!!

here's what dazed said about the new designer for MAN, Katie Eary

[...Newcomer Katie Eary was first up and from last season’s Animal Farm, she looked at other seminal texts; William Burroughs’ Junky and Naked Lunch and served up a visceral look at the human body, dissecting body parts that translated into frayed denim, heart and eye prints, gold pigskin over sunglasses, gold bone and pearl ribcages, blood-red rope shoulderpieces and leather jackets in bruised leather. It was collection that went a level further from her last pig army collection, exploring even more materials and also ensured that her MAN debut was one to remember...]

1 comment:

  1. one to remember for sure! think she eary is a playful twist for...eerie:)